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Youngsters in the Kitchen is a hands-on cultural culinary program. This exciting program introduces essential life-skills and simple cooking techniques, meanwhile highlighting the impact of living a healthy life.

Youngsters in the Kitchen invites a diverse group of young, motivated individuals who are interested in developing healthy (plant-based) foods; as well as having fun during the process.


Without a doubt, when young people understand how and where their food is produced they will obtain a solid understanding of why healthy eating is necessary.


Participants have a chance to experience: 
hands-on in the kitchen, local food,
social interaction, excitement and fun.


As a result, each adolescent will value the food system and environment. Youngsters in the Kitchen produces possibilities for youth to get excited and involved with their community.

Cooking workshops & Camp Curriculum

All classes incorporate the culinary basics which include: safety in the kitchen, food and cooking equipment handling, basic knife skills, food preparation techniques and confidence in the kitchen.

Workshop topics

Class points include: the value of fresh foods, selections of healthy food, understanding food labels, recognizing seasonal food, identifying the origin of foods, culture, history and how food waste affects our environment.

how food waste affects our environment Essential Tools

To ensure proper education, participants are equipped with the proper tools: illustrated and guided worksheets, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, personalized Youngsters in the Kitchen Journal, food fact and benefits worksheets, recipe cards, Youngsters in the Kitchen Culinary Kit.

Innovative and entertaining workshop


Innovative and entertaining workshop projects are designed to motivate and support children in choosing healthier food.  

Providing the next generation with essential, nutritional information will only help with the development of a disciplined mindset—you have control over what you eat.

Workshop & At-Home Interactive Projects

  • Cooking competitions
  • Youngsters in the Kitchen Cook Book
  • Youngsters in the Kitchen Website-
  • access to download resources, workshops, and recipes.
  • Youngsters in the Kitchen Card, discounts for healthy foods and restaurants
  • Food documentaries
  • Final Community project


  • Special guests speakers
  • Grocery store and farm tours
  • Participants make new friends while exploring food
  • The business of food
  • Community volunteering

Nutritional & life skill education holds youth and family members accountable for their dietary intake. Holding yourself accountable not only develops self-discipline but strengthens self-confidence. YK’s mission is to not only to educate students but support parents and guardians upon introducing wholesome foods to their family.

Jessica Taylor- YK Coordinator