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3 Ways Positive Planning Enhances Your Life

Some of the most inspirational and motivational quotes ever said, share with positivity. 

Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.”
– Michael Jordan

These are not cliches but practical quotes that are easier said than done. Having positive thoughts involves patience and having an understanding of self-awareness. 

Negative thoughts are distractions, affecting the body and the mind. How can anyone, execute a solid plan of action with feelings of doubt, fear, or negativity? It’s impossible to perform, any successful plan, without clarity or proper positive thoughts.

Your thoughts can determine the outcome of your goals. Believe it or not, your thoughts can affect your career, responsibilities, and any plans. If you plan your intentions or goals with a positive mindset, no matter the difficulties, your plan will have a positive outcome or impact in your life. It’s the law of the universe— the law of cause and effect.

3 Ways Positive Planning Enhances Your Life

1. Positive planning holds you accountable for your achievements. 
You must determine your plan! Take the time to write out your defined plans or goals with confidence. Identifying your goals, with the spirit of joy, and effort will determine the results. Noting what’s valuable to you, and how it will affect your life signifies a journey towards success. 

Ask yourself:
What are you seeking to accomplish?
What’s the value in my plan?
How, and what do I need to make sure I execute my goal?
What are my challenges?

Start your journey with a solid outline and a visual picture. Having a guide to revert to, for direction, will only support you during the challenging periods. Your plan holds you accountable for your decisions—being responsible for your plan holds you accountable for your achievements.

2. Positive planning conquers wishful thinking.
Stating what we want or desire, is easier said than done. Fantasizing and imagining goals are entertaining, but why not make that dream come true? Developing a strategy only sets you up for success—making your idea a reality. 

Until you actually begin the proper steps and putting forth the effort towards your goals, your plans are just ideas. Conquer wishful thinking with positively motivated behavior and energy. Remember, with no action; there are no results.

3. Positive planning puts you in control of your life.
Distractions are all around us—social media, friends, family, and unforeseen opportunities, which may not be in our plan, but beneficial to others. Once you determine your strategy and hold yourself accountable—realizing you have control of your well being, your priorities become the focus. 

Having a reliable, definite plan will help you from getting off track by someone else’s goals. As for myself, I found myself saying yes to projects that were not aligned with my goals—causing a set back on my journey.

For this reason, understanding self-awareness is essential, and your priorities come first. There is nothing wrong with the saying no—your life and goals are as valuable as the next person. Own your life, your priorities matter. 

Once you begin positive planning, you will feel empowered. You will be able to reflect in confidence and with no convictions. No matter what, life has its testing moments, and our plans are never perfect. But throughout the journey, you will discover unique characteristics about yourself. 

Start positively planning with this free worksheet. Jumping the hurdles of life with a smile and a positive mindset leads to success. Your thoughts affect your health and well-being, lead your life with a little positivity. 


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