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NEW LIVING —Terms & Agreement

Reservation regarding classes, experiences, social, and catered events

Confirmations & Reservation Forms

  • Complete reservation form and submit
  • Menus are selected 2-weeks in advance
  • Reservations are subject to availability
  • Deposit must be paid 2-weeks before the event date
  • No event, classes, or any other booking is confirmed without the deposit
  • Please email the completed reservation form to info@jessicataylornewliving.com or complete the linked reservation form

Be Mindful 

  • Kindly plan appropriately 
  • Value our commitment to each other
  • Accept what you can’t change
  • Value each other’s time
  • Respect each other with kindness and professional terms

Full Payments & Deposits

  • 50% deposit fee— must be paid 2-weeks before the booking
  • Under no circumstances, will the deposit be waived
  • All events reserved under or within the 2-week grace period will require a 50% deposit on the booking date
    • Event date: 2/2/20, Booking date: 1/26/20, the deposit due date will be on the booking day of 1/26/20
  • All deposits are non-refundable
  • Packages cannot be re-sold
  • Full Payment must be received, (5) days before event, class or experience


  • 75% of the total purchased package fee, is charged with cancellations made between (8 to 14) days of the scheduled experienced
  • The estimated cost, which includes chef services, staff, food cost, set-up, delivery or any special arrangements is within the cancellation fee
  • The client is charged the full event, class, or experience fee that is canceled within (7) days of the scheduled event.
  • Cancellation fees are and will not be applied to future experiences, classes or events
  • Please understand that it is not our intention to charge you; however, a phone call only takes a mindful moment
  • No refunds with the day of cancellations or no-shows.

Unforeseen Circumstances Liability:

  • New Living LLC holds the right to cancel any event without prior notice for any reason
  • These reasons include, but are not limited to power failures, bad weather, earthquakes, fire, terrorism, war, theft, accidents, overbooking, or illness
  • New Living understands that it could be emotionally distressing to have your event be canceled 
  • However, due to the unpredictability of many factors, including the ones listed, New Living LLC is not liable for the emotional distress or consequences of an event being canceled
  • The client takes the sole risk of unpredictable events that could occur

Tardiness Liability

  • While our team will try their hardest to avoid being late to an event, by booking an event with this company (New Living LLC).
  • The client understands that New Living LLC is not responsible for the emotional distress or consequences of an order arriving late, or of an event starting late due to the catering. 
  • Client understands that there are a number of circumstances that could occur that could cause our team to be late to an event, including but not limited to: traffic, traffic accidents, illness, power failures, a car accident, a car breaking down, a car running out of gasoline, overbooking, theft, earthquakes, fire, bad weather, war, and terrorism.

Damage and Injury Liability

  • While our team will try their hardest to avoid any accidents during an event, by booking an event with this company (New Living ), the client understands that New Living LLC is not responsible for any accidental injury or damage caused by its staff or equipment
  • New Living LLC is not responsible for accidental injury of a person at a party, including, but not limited to: burns from hot food or equipment, damage from a dropped items, injury from tripping and falling, a vehicle accident, food poisoning, fire, or natural disaster
  • The client also understands it is their sole responsibility to keep an eye on their valuables – and to make preparations before an event to lock all valuables in a safe 
  • Client understands that New Living LLC is not responsible for any suspected theft that could occur at an event

Guaranteed Numbers

  • If you have arranged for a buffet-bite sized service, we will begin at the time you select. 
  • Buffet style catering is not designed as all-you-care-to-eat
  • Special event planning takes time and preparation. To provide the highest quality service, we require that you provide a guaranteed number of guests to be served at the event. 
  • The guaranteed number must be finalized within 72 hours prior to the event, though ten days of lead time would is essential. 
  • Charges will be based on the guaranteed number, or actual number served, whichever is greater. 
  • If a guaranteed number attending is not provided within 72 hours in advance, the number included on the reservation form will be considered the guaranteed amount.

Special Dietary Needs

  • It is the responsibility of the event host to learn if any special menus are required of their guests. 
  • New Living LLC can accommodate most special meals with ten days advance notice
  • If an unforeseen vegetarian or special diet accommodation is needed during the event, New Living LLC will do its best in filling the request

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