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How can you overcome societal influence?

How can you overcome societal influence?

During this transition season, reflect on your natural gifts. Your career or your job should be what you want to do for life. Every day shouldn’t be a grind but a new opportunity to tap into your natural talents, the attribute that makes you happy.

At a young age, we are motivated to pursue and focus on our professional careers. Pursuing our dreams or desires with passion is rarely mentioned. Yes, we are told to believe in ourselves, but somewhere between early adulthood and middle age, our obligations displace our desires. 

When I entered corporate America, it took me years to understand why people performed so differently compared to the world where I initially came from and followed.  My creative skills and competitive mindset helped me excel in my career. Still, on the other hand, my ambition and intelligence seemed to be a threat to upper management in the ruthless corporate environment.

For this reason, I made a brave decision to walk away from it all. I never envisioned myself compromising my ideas; feeling uneasy, powerless, and not valued was not how I wanted to live my life. Your worth is more than a career. The feeling of unhappiness in one area of your life can influence all areas of your life. 

Eventually, I had to take a step back and reflect on who I was becoming. It’s easy to become the other person. During my transition, I realized I was lost. Striving for perfection in the eyes of other people can end up restricting and leading to unhappiness.  

The anxiety that is forcing your achievement is constructed around societal influence and expectation. You can often find yourself fighting between what you think society wants from you and what you truly desire.

How can you overcome societal influence?

 Journaling and revisiting my real aspirations motivated me to visit my desires and goals.  I retained my sense of imagination. One’s vision, I believe, produces one’s natural gifts. Every human can create a life that has been designed for their life path and purpose.

In the beginning, we are taught to only focus on one intelligence. Throughout our early childhood education and development, our intellect has been measured by man-made tests, and our knowledge is compared to other students. Over time, we begin to believe those results which overcast our true gifts and hinder our potential.  

Recently, researchers have been trying to understand the different intelligence sections by exploring the functioning of the brain, and they started to consider additional intelligence factors. 

Harvard education professor Howard Gardner first described his theory of multiple intelligences in the groundbreaking book, Frames of Mind, published in 1983. Today Gardner proposes that we all have at least eight different bits of intelligence, and maybe more. He also suggests that environments, cultures, and genetic makeup will determine how all of our intelligence work together.

Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences

  • Linguistic Intelligence
  • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
  • Spatial Intelligence
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
  • Musical Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence
  • Naturalist Intelligence

What if you were introduced to the intelligence learning styles earlier in life?  Would your thought process regarding life be the same? Would you define success differently? Personally, I would have pursued a career based on my natural intelligence.  

Take the test!

How well do you truly know yourself? Identify your intelligence. Know who you are,  understand yourself, and obtain self-awareness. You might be surprised at what you uncover!

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