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6 Reasons Why You Should VegOut At the Silver Dollar

The Silver Dollar—Whiskey by the Drink

The Silver Dollar website describes their establishment as a reflection of a honky-tonk atmosphere, recreating the 1950′ vibe of Bakersville, California—a tribute to an era of rough, honky tonk music, and gritty Southerners who relocated to Southern California.

Based on this theme, I imagined I would be walking into a rugged country bar/restaurant, but that wasn’t the case. True, the vibe was quite southern, but as not as honky-tonk as I thought–not a banjo in site.

#1 The Southwestern Experience
As I walked into the restaurant, formally, a 1890s firehouse, I was greeted by three, friendly hostess, who offered a table for two—inside or outside. I guess you can say I chose both. I chose a two top table, closer to the open doors, initially known as the opened firehouse doors. This original fixtured, allowed us to enjoy both the outside scenery–views of a casual summer Friday night, as well as the restaurant’s southwestern dinner atmosphere—the chatter of guest, laughter from the bar, and the sweet sounds of Dolly Parton playing in the background.

#2 Entertaining Atmosphere

Vintage beer caddies, containing four hot and barbecue sauces were set on the table, accompanied by a dinner menu, as well as a menu selection of mixed drinks, beers, wines and cocktails. For entertainment, we decided to experience a few hot sauces—sizzling pleasure.

#3 The Delicious Food
Silver Dollar menu offers primarily traditional and southern meals, so I had to get creative. Before I arrived, I already I had my eyes set on the vegetarian sloppy joe sandwich, but because of the limited vegan options, and the cooking process of their fried foods, I had a few questions before I placed my order.

#4 Excellent Service
I was very pleased with our server; she was willing to help with making sure my meal, was indeed a vegan meal. Yes, at times us vegans are perceived as irritating, but what we eat matters. Asking these questions are necessary, “Do you fry your homemade chips and pickles in the same fryer as the meat?” and “What can I substitute, to make sure my food is a vegan meal?” So, that said, having a patient attitude, and providing honest answers delivers a pleasing vegan dining experience.

#5 Vegan Selection

My Selection:
The Vegetarian Sloppy Joe $10:
Traditionally, a Sloppy Joe sandwich consists of ground beef or pork, onions, tomato sauce or ketchup, seasonings, and served on a hamburger bun.

The Vegetarian Sloppy Joe $10

However, This tasty sloppy joe was like none other! Silver Dollar’s Sloppy Joe consists of crispy kale, chimichurri, and served on a toasted bolillo bun. Our server suggested, substituting the bolillo bun for the Texas toast, converting this rich sandwich into the ultimate Vegan Joe. I must say, I was not disappointed—the perfect sandwich, full of flavor, and a taste that left me wanting more.

Brussel Sprouts $6: As much as I wanted to try the homemade potatoes chips, I had to go with the choice of the Brussel Sprouts. Unfortunately, all the food uses the same fryer, but I’m glad I ordered the Brussels as a side dish. I promise, I’m not extra when I say this, but the Brussels were fire—some of the best tasting Brussel Sprouts I have ever experienced. Crispy, well seasoned, and perfectly balanced with flavoring. They were the perfect side dish for this meal.

#6 Satisfying Experience

Overall, I really enjoyed my vegan, southwestern experience at the Silver Dollar. The service was excellent, the food–amazing, and as a huge Dolly Parton fan, the atmosphere was perfect. I just wish there was a better selection of vegan foods. So if you ever find yourself on the block of Frankfort Avenue, stop by the Silver Dollar–tell them JT sent you!

The Silver Dollar
1761 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206

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