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5 Ways to Work Out Without a Gym

5 Ways to Work Out Without a Gym

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes a regular exercise routine. For individuals who are not comfortable in a gym environment, or if trying to save a little cash for summer family vacations, outdoor or home workouts are an option. Myself, I much rather break a sweat outdoors—enjoying every sun beaming moment.

Summer comes around once a year, so why not take a break from the gym? Make it a point to attempt these fun outdoor exercises that will keep you in tip-top shape. So, call up a friend or get the family together, and head to the nearest park for a little cardio, weight workouts and set up your own workout station.

Let’s Prepare

  • Grab a backpack, and throw in a few workout essentials:
  • Towels
  • Mini speaker
  • Yoga mats
  • Water bottles and ice
  • Weights (dumbbell weights or kettlebells)
  • Stopwatch, or your smartphone
  • Jump rope


Engaging in cardio activity increases your heart rate. Your heart is one of the most powerful muscles; starting off with workouts that work the heart makes it stronger and is the most beneficial type of exercise for your cardiovascular system (your heart and blood vessels).

“A stronger cardiovascular system means more capillaries delivering more oxygen to cells in your muscles. This enables your cells to burn more fat during both exercise and inactivity.” —

1.Run or Walk
Most parks have an outside track or running path; begin with a few running or walking exercises—walk a mile or sprint into a few relay races. Add a little entertainment by downloading a running app that can track your speed, and the distance walked. Get even more creative by organizing a little group competition throughout the month—compare your results (pitch in a prize), or focus on hitting your own goals, treat yourself to a bit of an award. No matter the outcome, you are on your way to building a healthy heart.

2. Jump Roping
As a child, I always had a jump rope in my hand; playing outside with friends and jump roping was just fun. Little did I know, I was burning calories. Pull out those jumping roping skills and add them in with your exercise routine. Make each jump count; add each jump (weekly) and increase your speed. Include your family or friends; record and add all your jumps together. Calculate your numbers per group and compare. Believe it or not, cardio can improve your mood while at the same time, supporting your life goals.

3. Tone up with Weights
Once you finish your cardio, sip some cold water; let a little ice run down your back, and pull out your weights. Simple weight activities can help develop stronger muscles and keep your body in balance. Firming and toning with weights can help shape your body. Now, don’t skip out on the weights, especially if you are seeking a little body definition. Check out 6 best exercises you can do with free weights, and incorporate these exercises within your workout plan. Be sure to follow proper lifting techniques to prevent any injuries.

4. Core Exercises
After you complete your weight activity, pull out your yoga mats—prepare yourself for a little core strength. Core exercises are fun too! Set-up a core challenge—the 30-day ab challenge has been the most popular, and I’ve read some supportive reviews. Check out this challenge on, The 30-Day Ab Challenge to Sculpt Flatter Abs In 4 Weeks.

5. Stretching
Last but not least, stretching. Stretching should take place, before and after, each workout. It’s always important to warm up and wind down. Take 10 -15 minutes before and after your workout–treat your body to a little relaxation–flex it out. Read Why Stretching Matters.

Being outdoors can not only raise your spirits, but it can boost your energy levels.  As energy beings, connecting to the earth brings on positive energy while balancing out the soul. So, before you take that walk into the gym, and sign up for that year membership, choose a day to enjoy the outdoors.

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