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5 Reasons Why You Should Experience The Ramen House

As the school year ends, summer vacation begins, and families are budgeting their summer dining-out dollars. While at the same time, exploring healthy experiences for the whole family to enjoy.

The Ramen House

The Ramen House sits, tucked away, next door to the Baxter theater, on the backside of Bardstown Road. Formally known as Ramen Inochi—The Ramen House, silently closed their doors and re-opened this week with a new name and vibe.

Prior, to its re-grand opening, I never had the opportunity to visit—I heard and read so many great reviews, but a particular review stood out to me, Briley’s convincing “It is the best,” report.

So, this week, I decided to invite, Miss Briley (my 8-year-old buddy) to dinner and we discussed delicious Korean dishes. Now, Briley is not your typical 8-year-old—her explanation of the Seasoned Bamboo Shoots, and Homemade Ramen Noodles would spark the attention and curiosity of anyone.

1. Friendly Service

When we walked into the Ramen House, we immediately felt welcomed—we chose our table and immediately greeted by a server—the prompt service was a plus!

Briley couldn’t wait to explain all her favorites, “Make sure you add the Bamboo Shoots when you order your noodles.” She convinced me that this was a choice that I should include within my Ramen Bowl. She went on to explain, in great detail, that the Ramen Noodles were handmade and full of amazing spices.

2. Handmade Ramen Noodles

If you are a real, Ramen Noodle Fan, then Handmade Ramen Noodles are something to try, at least once in a lifetime. Also, if you think that these noodles taste anything like packaged Ramen Noodles, well think again—you can’t even compare these Ramens to instant Ramen Noodles.

3. Cultivating Experience

The atmosphere of the Ramen House adds to its authentic dishes.  Throughout dinner, Briley educated me on the Japanese artwork hanging on the walls— a broad range of art styles including ink paintings, calligraphy on silk, canvas pictures, and ukiyo-e paintings. Authentic Japanese anime figures are carefully arranged around the top of the restaurant entrance door, as well.

As we waited for our food, we enjoyed the sounds of K-Pop—Korean Pop music and Hip Hop Beats. We even collaborated and created a song; we titled it,”  Jammin’ with our Ramens.”

4. Simple Menu

My history lesson wasn’t over—The Ramen House Menu is plainly laid out, simple enough, that even a 3rd-grader can select their ideal meal. The menu includes traditional Ramen bowls, Miso, various kinds of Buns, and Handmade Gyoza. They have a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, and for the adults, teas, Sake, and Japanese beers.

5. Vegan Selection—Vegetarian Ramen Bowl $12.00

For the most part, any dish can be prepared vegan—exclude the egg and meat choices from your selection, and you are safe. I played it extra safe by ordering the Vegetarian Ramen Bowl—Seasoned with Spicy Miso, excluding the corn and egg, topped with Bamboo Shoots, Green Onions, and spicy-flavored broth.

“Yum, these noodles are so good.” I couldn’t resist the taste, and I made it known.

“Are you being sarcastic?”  Briley asked, with a strange, suspecting eye-roll.

I definitely, was not being sarcastic. The noodles held a fresh, garlicky taste, and the bold flavors of the infused broth seasoning added to the authentic taste.

I must say, our Ramen House experience was pretty entertaining, and tasteful—the service was excellent, our food was delicious, and the price was worth every penny. I couldn’t pass upon asking for a to-go container, for the remaining broth—perfect for my soup base, for the next day.

Ramen Noodles are an excellent meal choice for those transition to a vegan diet, and if you are vegan, you will appreciate the services and friendly support. Stop by the Ramen House—tell them JT sent you!

The Ramen House

Address: Theater in the back,

1250 Bardstown road

Ste.17A Next to, Baxter Theater

Louisville, KY 40204

Phone: (502) 709-4374

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