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3 Reasons You Should Spend More Time Alone


Solitude, a term that can be misunderstood—mistaken as loneliness, but that’s far from the truth. Solitude is the opposite, it’s the state of being alone without feeling lonely. As for myself, solitude is a state of peace; it’s the time set aside to reflect.

The Fear

For some, solitude can be scary—silence tends to draw out suppressed thoughts that we may be unaware we ever had, or feel we can’t control. The idea of turning off the tv, not accepting phone calls, or stepping away from social media for a couple of weeks can be a challenge for some people.

Allowing the inner spirit to disconnect from outside distractions can only improve with one’s spiritual growth—once you start the process towards self-interaction, your mind becomes more transparent, providing a soul searching experience.

3 Reasons You Should Spend More Time Alone

1. Solitude provides clarity.

Naturally, we are drawn to socializing; even if it’s as simple as a daily phone call with your best friend. We live in a time, where worldly demands are at an all-time high—think about it, if you need to request a day off from work, you are pressured with providing a valid excuse. Why can’t you just ask for the time off to reflect and distress? As far as entrepreneurs, a day off rarely occurs—fearing wasted time or a missed opportunity.

Taking time for yourself has been devalued, and frowned upon—mistaking for laziness, selfishness or being unproductive. Truth be told, solitude is healthy, contributing to clearer thoughts and increases productivity. Clear concepts are recognized, producing fresh ideas, and can support you with making better choices.

Lack of mental and physical rest can alter our reasoning process, which can lead to bad decisions. Once you reset, you can then take a step back and see life much clearer—understanding your value.

2. Solitude sparks your imagination and initiates creativity.

Be honest with yourself, when was the last time you freed up some time to explore your mind? Explore the right hemisphere of the brain; get in touch with your creative side, spark the vision—get tuned in with your thoughts, let your mind run on its thoughts.

Free your mind—give the left hemisphere a break; balancing out the brains productivity allows you to solve and answer inner questions. You may surprise yourself—your undiscovered ideas may lead you to your purpose. Once you tap into your creative self, you will then feel free to think more outside the box placed by society.

3. Solitude in silence supports self-development and a soul connection.

As I mentioned earlier, solitude can be uncomfortable; but if you are willing to take the timeout to sit in silence, then you are on your way to a greater you. Solitude in silence is the most powerful spiritual discipline practice; your mind will begin to explore, discovering, and uncovering the truth.

Listening to your thoughts is the most crucial process during this time. Practicing, solitude in silence will not only provide you with a new perspective on life, but this time will slowly reveal your purpose–guiding you towards your right life path. If you don’t take the opportunity to understand your truth or true self, then you will always observe the difficult times in a negative light.

Once you become connected with your soul, it’s easier to understand the obstacles that you are to face in life—failed relationships, financial struggles, family disagreements, career, even the people and the environment surrounding your life at that time.

Taking the time to reset your mind, body, and so allows self-discovery. Once you begin practicing, you will become more mindful and fulfilled.

During your time of silence, ask yourself:

  • What’s my purpose in life?
  • Am I living in truth? Show me my truth and purpose.
  • Am I peace?
  • Am I truly happy?
  • What can I provide to those around me?
  • Do I feel comfortable and at peace in my life?

How to practice solitude:

  • Practice guided meditations: you can Google guided meditations on YouTube
  • Prepare yourself at night, and wake up early before the house wakes up.
  • For 30 minutes, sit in silence and think. Start off with 15 minutes a day then increase your time.
  • Go for a quiet walk.
  • Drive with the radio off.
  • Put down the cellphone—don’t accept calls for the days.
  • Don’t check your email, social media, or any other devices for 24 hours.
  • Spend the day at home in silence—cook, clean, read, or write.
  • Start a new project.
  • Turn off the TV for the week, including Netflix.
  • Detach from anything or anyone that needs your attention; allow yourself your time. It’s okay to be selfish, you only live one life—live it with peace and understanding.

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