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3 Delicious Asian Vegan Dishes—Heart & Soy

Heart Soy Menu

Heart & Soy’s menu may appear as simple Asian cuisines, but don’t let simple fool you. As a regular customer, I can honestly say that all their dishes are delicious and full of ‘banging’ flavor. So without a doubt, there will be several reviews (here on, raving about Heart & Soy and their vegan options. One visit to Heart & Soy isn’t enough.

The Scene

When you step into Heart & Soy, it may seem a little confusing; the restaurant’s building has two restaurants in one. Roots, the connecting restaurant has more an upscale environment and a tapas-style menu, which I’ll review at a later time. Two totally different establishments, but both have some amazing vegan selections. So, if you accidentally, walk into Roots, don’t worry, (use the inside connecting walkway) walk on over into Heart & Soy.

Heart & Soy has a cafeteria type feel, very open, nothing too fancy, just your standard table and chair set-up and Asian food art also. You will notice the side, glass-refrigerator with the sliding door packed with dessert, parfaits, as well as other grab-and-go foods.

Behind the cashier counter sits a big chalkboard listing all the menu items and prices—all your traditional Asian dishes: homemade tofu, egg rolls, fried rice, etc. The ordering process is pretty simple; you place your order, wait for your meal, and from then on, it’s pretty much self-serve. The condiments and beverage station sits off to the side, for self-accommodations.

My Visit

I’m no stranger to Heart & Soy, but with so many delicious, vegan items to choose from, I’m always conflicted with my choices. This week I had my mind set on the vegetable fried rice, tofu squares, and a couple of vegan egg rolls.

The Food

#1 Vegan Vegetable & Tofu Fried Rice-$7.90

I must say, Heart & Soy has some of the best-fried rice in the city—it’s never over fried or drenched with oil. Not surprised, I wasn’t disappointed with this visit I knew after one bite this was going to be another excellent meal. The vegetables, rice, and tofu were perfectly blended. Notice how clean this dish looks; compared to most fried rice dishes, this looks nice. Wouldn’t you agree? Who wants mushy vegetables and rice?

Vegan Vegetable & Tofu Fried Rice

#2 The Vegan Crispy Egg Rolls (V)(Gf)-$3.90

Heart & Soy is what I call, the safe place for egg rolls. Now, there was a time where I would order vegetable egg rolls and quickly reminded, that just because you order vegetable doesn’t mean it’s vegan. Vegetable egg rolls, on most menus, include egg. I know for a fact when I am ordering from this menu that there is no dairy. Each order came with two rolls and served with a tasty sweet and sour sauce. I wish they were a little bigger! They are the perfect side to any rice dish—crispy on the outside, and the inside flavors are quite unique.

The Vegan Crispy Egg Rolls

#3 Fried Tofu Squares with Tamarind Sauce (V)(Gf)-$3.90

The tofu squares were seasoned just right. Again, a perfect crisp with a beautiful golden brown color. They are even good without the sauce.

Introduce Non-vegans to Vegan Dishes at Heart & Soy

You see, I have these moments with non-vegans when I try to get them to seek vegan dishes, and this was one of those moments. My lunch guest mentioned that she had never tried tofu and wasn’t sure what to order. Of course, she played it safe, order the vegetable fried rice. She didn’t realize that the fried rice included tofu and truth be told, I forgot to mention.

As she raved about the rice, I tried to persuade her to try the squares I just ordered, “Naw, I’m good,” she kindly declined. I looked up and mentioned that the rice had a mix of tofu and vegetables. To her surprise, what she thought was egg was actually tofu.

Heart and Soy is the perfect choice for a lunch meeting, even dates. The prices, well, they may seem a little pricey, but you get what you pay for, right? I highly recommend a visit—tell them JT sent you!

Heart & Soy
1216 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY 40204
Monday – Friday: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM


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