new habits,
new you!

Anyone can succeed in the journey of a plant-based lifestyle. Transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle is more than the foods we eat; this journey encompasses the mind, body, and spirit.

As a result, one will achieve a clearer and cultivated mindset. Following my journey, I recognized three fundamental principles: the development of self-discipline, the evolution of the inner spirit, and the vast influence of our daily activities, which play a role in shifting our mindset.

Your Dream Vacation is Here


Private cooking classes are full of delicious food, education, fun. If you’re looking for a unique weekend vibe, Jessica’s culinary experiences are the perfect resolution. Private classes are entertaining for a group event or a private organization cooking lesson.

Your guest will learn professional food preparation techniques as well as plant-based cuisine tips. Also, master the art of preparing various plant-based cultural cuisines such as Thai, Sushi, Latin American, and many more.


healthy mindset involves finding ways to grow from your thoughts instead of letting them control your life


Join Jessica in the kitchen for healthy food & fun.
Create delicious plant-based/vegan meals utilizing Jessica’s step-by-step recipes; meals that the whole family will love! Check out videos, cooking tips, and more.


Jessica shares her everyday plant-based life, valuable resources, and interests.